‘Children being pushed into transsexualism’

Therapists are ignoring parents’ concerns and children’s underlying health issues to encourage transsexualism, a newspaper has been told.

According to one mother, her daughter was referred to a ‘gender identity’ clinic after an appointment lasting less than an hour.

Another parent said he knows of numerous instances of diagnosed autism, ADHD and depression being ignored by medical practitioners in favour of pushing a pro-transsexual agenda.

Deep worries

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Stephanie Arai-Davies, who runs campaign group Transgender Trend, said: “I would estimate that we’ve been contacted by more than 100 parents over the past two years.

“What parents are saying is they’re deeply worried that NHS counsellors and therapists are immediately suggesting an appointment with a gender identity clinic.”

An anonymous mother explained how her 15-year-old daughter had been referred to a transsexual clinic after only a 40 minute assessment with an NHS family therapist.

Parent ignored

The mother said: “I’ve known my child for 15 years and he only saw her for 40 minutes yet he thinks he knows everything about her and is blindly accepting that she wants to be a boy.”

Another mother said that her daughter, who stated she wanted to be a boy, was referred to the NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

But despite her mother saying she believed her daughter was suffering with anxiety and was under pressure on social media, the psychotherapist encouraged her to call the child ‘he’ and allow her to bind her chest.

She said: “They just weren’t listening to the one person who knows their child best.”


In recent weeks, numerous stories have emerged of people ‘detransitioning’ – returning to embrace their birth sex.

Paul, now 38, felt he might be a girl as a teenager. He was prescribed male-to-female hormones on his first visit to a community health clinic and later had his testicles removed.

But his advice to children looking to transition is now simply: “Don’t.”

No challenge

Taylor started transitioning from male to female by changing his name, wearing make-up and feminine clothing and growing his hair long.

After a year of living superficially as a stereotypical woman, he began hormone therapy. But now he laments that throughout his confusion he was failed by medical professionals, and wishes they had challenged him.

In September, it emerged that research on people who have detransitioned had been blocked by a university over concerns about it being politically incorrect.

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