‘Children must be protected from harmful gender ideology’

Legislators and educators should reject all policies which normalise ‘sex changes’ among children, the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) has said.

In a statement released this month the organisation, which represents members across the US, warned that children are being damaged by ‘gender ideology’.

It outlined eight points on ‘gender identity’, asserting that everyone is “born with a biological sex”.


The organisation stated that gender dysphoria, where a boy believes he is a girl or vice versa, is a recognised “psychological problem” and must be treated accordingly.

It said that treatments such as puberty-blocking hormones and sex-change surgery are abusive and can have devastating consequences for children in later life.

According to the ACP, the suicide rate is 20 times higher among adults who have used these measures.

Transsexual people need patient help to come to terms with reality.

Simon Calvert


The ACP also highlighted that 98 per cent of boys and 88 per cent of girls who are ‘gender confused’ at a young age “eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty”.

The statement concluded that endorsing gender dysphoria as normal through public education and the law will “confuse children and parents”.

Following the release of a report from MPs in the UK calling for a move towards “self-declaration” of gender, The Christian Institute’s Deputy Director Simon Calvert stressed that “trans people need kindness, not endorsement”.


Mr Calvert said: “People who believe they are trapped in the wrong body should have our respect and our friendship. But politicians want their choices to be backed by the rest of society.

“This is not an endorsement that anyone should be forced to give – least of all by having to surrender legal recognition of their own genuine birth sex.

“Transsexual people need patient help to come to terms with reality. The law must stop forcing people to lie about other people’s gender.”

In an exclusive interview with The Christian Institute last month, author and former transsexual Walt Heyer spoke about his experience.

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