Children given explicit sex manuals without parental consent

A mother in Canada has expressed concerns after her child received graphic sexual materials when they were taken to a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) conference.

The Canadian Government is currently insisting that parents should not be informed if their child chooses to join the GSA – an organisation that supports student-led LGBT clubs in schools.

But legal advocacy organisation Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) says parents must know if their children are being taken out of school grounds, and what they are being exposed to.


The JCCF’s Jay Cameron revealed that children from GSAs can be taken to off-site conferences by an adult known as a ‘facilitator’, where they may receive explicit materials and condoms without parental knowledge.

The concerned parent uncovered photographs of some of the materials given to children who were taken to an off-site GSA conference.

The cover of one booklet called Explore the Wonders of Uranus alluded to a gay sex act and provided links to a HIV-prevention site.

Another, described as a “pocket-sized flip book that graphically models condom use between two men”, shows an adult man putting on a condom before engaging in sexual activity.

‘Extraordinarily graphic’

Columnist Jonathan van Maren described the materials as “extraordinarily graphic”.

He added: “This is truly inappropriate stuff, and it’s disgusting that it is being provided to school-children.

“These graphic sex manuals amount to children receiving pornography from adults”.

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