Child bikini model becomes mum at just 15 years old

A 15 year-old girl who sparked controversy by modelling bikinis at the tender age of 12 is now pregnant to the delight of her mother.

Soya Keveaney’s mum says that she will make a “wonderful mother.” But news of the pregnancy comes amidst increasing concern about child sexualisation.

At the age of 12 Soya posed provocatively in a bikini. Her mother posted the pictures on the internet because she thought it would launch her daughter’s modelling career.


But Deidre Saunders, Agony Aunt for a prominent national newspaper, said: “It is tragic that this baby will arrive with no responsible adult having any realistic idea about what it takes to raise a child.

“Mum Soya is still only a child herself and has no idea of the demands of having a baby.”

Soya said: “It was a shock at first but now I’m really excited. I’m the first of my friends to have a baby – but I don’t think I’ve grown up too fast.”


Meanwhile, her mother, Janice, commented: “I’m just totally blown away by this. I don’t understand what the big fuss is about.”

She has insisted that her daughter – who said she was taking the contraceptive pill and had refused an abortion – would teach her unborn child the same discipline she had been shown while growing up.

A magazine article published in 2008 said that Soya had been going to discos at the age of seven and wearing makeup, mini-dresses and revealing tops.


In October 2009 a boy aged 13 became one of Britain’s youngest fathers after his 16-year-old girlfriend gave birth.

Earlier that year another 13 year-old, Alfie Patten from East Sussex, made national headlines when his 15 year-old girlfriend gave birth.

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