Chaplain who supports biblical marriage under fire from LGBT students

A church minister, who believes the Bible’s teaching on marriage, has survived an attempt to remove him as a school chaplain.

Revd Mike Goss has previously said same-sex relationships are “not what God has planned for us as human beings”.

Students at Carnoustie High School, near Dundee, created a petition in April calling for his removal by the start of the new academic year – but the local council is standing by Revd Goss.

No change

Pupils at the school claim the chaplain’s views now stood at variance with the Church of Scotland local presbytery.

One student said that the beginning of term would be “the perfect opportunity” to remove Revd Goss.

But Angus Council told local media that while it supported “on-going dialogue”, there were “no planned changes with regards to the use of chaplains”.

‘Very disappointed’

At the beginning of the unrest, Revd Goss said: “I am certainly very disappointed to see this petition appear on social media, as I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy good relationships with the High School and both primary schools where I am chaplain.”

He added that he had “always treasured” links with the local community and “any support that I can provide to staff and pupils, sometimes in difficult situations”.

Revd Goss has, along with others, challenged the Church of Scotland over its support for redefining marriage.

Last year, he said “we don’t bless that which is wrong and that has got to be key in terms of the Gospel”.

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