Cathedral under fire for Wicker Man screening

Derby Cathedral has come under fire for joining with a local cinema to screen several films containing nudity or graphic sex scenes to the public.

Throughout September and October, the Cathedral has agreed to show a number of controversial films, including The Wicker Man, Don’t Look Now and Monty Python’s controversial Life of Brian.

The Wicker Man features a naked dance scene and a Christian policeman being burned alive in a pagan sacrifice, while Don’t Look Now features a sex scene so graphic it was cut by the BBC when it premiered on TV.

Place of worship

The decision to show the films has been met with outcry from parishioners and other local churchgoers, who say the screenings should be cancelled.

“Holy Communion will be celebrated nine hours later in the same seats”

Steve Dunning, a warden at another church in Derby, said: “I just think it isn’t appropriate to show these films in a place of worship”, adding “it compromises the spiritual integrity of the cathedral”.

Place of worship

Kristin Simmons, a deputy church warden, said outside events “should not be adverse to the Christian perspective”, since the cathedral is “primarily a place of worship”.

She added: “Holy Communion will be celebrated nine hours later in the same seats”.

The Dean, the Very Revd Dr Stephen Hance, defended the screenings, saying the films won’t be “showing God anything that he hasn’t seen before”.

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