Canadian PM accused of religious discrimination

The Prime Minister of Canada has been criticised by a top doctor for discriminating against religious people by denying them freedom of conscience.

Justin Trudeau came under fire last year for launching a summer jobs scheme that forces employers to endorse abortion.

Now, in an open letter to the Prime Minister, Dr Robert Walley, Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Memorial University of Newfoundland, says that Trudeau’s policies are characteristic of a “totalitarian state”.

‘No place’

Dr Walley said: “Medical students, residents, and physicians have begun to experience discrimination through denial of their right to practice according to their consciences if they do not accept your government’s dictatorial policies with the consequence their recruitment into programs and positions are obstructed, though they equally qualified.

“This situation is more characteristic of a totalitarian state, and therefore has no place in Canadian society.”

The letter also urged the Government to “end the discrimination of religious people and support equality in the workforce”.


The summer jobs scheme requires employers to sign their agreement with “reproductive rights”.

The Government scheme is used by small businesses, non-profit organisations and public sector employers to create summer jobs for students between the age of 15 and 30.

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