Canada schoolbook assesses 12-year-olds for ‘transphobia’

Schoolchildren in Canada are being tested to find out if they’re “a transphobe”.

The quiz is included in a book, entitled ‘Transphobia: Deal with it’ available in classes across Nova Scotia.

Pupils will be labelled transphobic if they disagree with a person changing gender.

‘Transphobia score’

The stated purpose of the lessons is for children to “learn what thoughts and opinions are acceptable for them to think.”

Children as young as 12 are scored against statements such as: “I think that if you were born with a certain body, it’s wrong to change it”, and “I don’t think that trans women and trans girls should be able to use the washroom with other women”.

A child’s ‘transphobia score’ increases the more statements they agree with.

J. Wallace Skelton, author of the book, is an adviser with the Toronto District School Board.


Jack Fonseca of the Campaign Life Coalition described the book as gender ideology propaganda, and encouraged parents to oppose the lessons.

He said: “The idea that being a boy or a girl is unrelated to one’s biology is pure madness.”

Others called it “appalling psychology”, and argued that the book has no place in schools.

Nova Scotia’s Education Department has previously notified parents that students will have the option to designate their gender as “x” rather than male or female on school documents.

Parents marginalised

Earlier this year a judge in Canada ruled that the father of a troubled 14-year-old cannot stop medics from giving her hormone treatment.

The teenage girl became interested in ‘changing sex’ after being exposed to teaching at her school.

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