‘Canada is a nightmare of Britain’s future’

Britain must shun Canada’s ‘dystopian social revolution’, a journalist has warned.

The Telegraph documentary ‘Canada’s woke nightmare: A warning to the West’, by Steven Edginton, follows the adverse impact of gender ideology, assisted suicide, drug decriminalisation and cancel culture on Canadian society.

He highlighted several stories, including a father who removed his child from a cross-dressing day at school, a Paralympian who was offered euthanasia during a delay to better disabled access outside her house, and a nurse who may lose her licence for supporting the gender-critical author JK Rowling.

‘Fighting for freedom’

Writing for The Telegraph, Edginton explained: “During my travels I found ordinary people appalled at Canada’s surrender to drug dealers, its contempt for freedom of speech, its enforcement of gender ideology on children and a breezy willingness to terminate the lives of its own citizens.

“However, for all the depressing stories of people losing their jobs, or being hounded by the government, these cases were equally inspirational.

“Whilst Canada is a warning to the West, there are also individual messages of hope from those brave individuals fighting for their freedom.”

Mental health

Last month, it was revealed that a Vancouver hospital had raised the subject of euthanasia with a woman in the midst of a mental health crisis.

When Kathrin Mentler attended Vancouver General Hospital seeking psychiatric help, a staff member asked if she had considered death by so-called medical assistance in dying (MAID).

Since legalising euthanasia in certain circumstances in 2016, Canada has already abolished the requirement for a person to be terminally ill and intends to extend it to those who suffer from mental health problems in 2024.

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