Camilla warns of politically correct censorship

Political correctness is “as severe a form of censorship as any”, the Duchess of Cornwall said yesterday.

Sources close to the Duchess said she was expressing her hope that people will be free to speak out on issues like ‘sexual equality’ without feeling inhibited.

The refreshing comments were made by the Prince of Wales’ wife during a speech at the London Press Club awards.


She said: “in our right to speak freely, please let us not become too politically correct, because surely political correctness is as severe a form of censorship as any”.

A string of Christians have been arrested, dismissed from their jobs or sued because of their beliefs about sexual ethics.

Anthony Rollins was handcuffed and put in a police cell for reading the Bible out loud in Birmingham. A member of the public claimed he was being homophobic.


Mr Rollins won £4,250 when he sued the police for unlawful arrest. A judge said the police committed assault in applying handcuffs unnecessarily.

Registrar Lillian Ladele faced dismissal by Islington Council when she asked for her religious beliefs about marriage to be accommodated in light of civil partnership laws.

She won an original tribunal claim for religious discrimination, but that was overturned on appeal. She is taking her case to Europe.


B&B owners, Peter and Hazelmary Bull were sued by homosexuals because their guesthouse restricted double rooms to married couples.

The Bulls lost the case and were forced to pay £3,600 in damages. An appeal will be heard later this year.

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