Cameron takes a hit in the polls over gay marriage

David Cameron has been damaged in the polls over his plans to redefine marriage.

According to a new survey by The Sun on Sunday newspaper, both supporters and opponents of gay marriage view the Conservative Party in a worse light than before.

And a Mail on Sunday poll puts the Tories three points behind the Liberal Democrats in the upcoming Eastleigh by-election.


The survey put the Liberal Democrats at 36 per cent, ahead of the Tories at 33 per cent who have lost support because of gay marriage.

The Sun on Sunday survey revealed 38 per cent of traditional Conservative voters now take a dimmer view of the Prime Minister.

And the poll showed two thirds of people think the party is divided.


It comes after more Tory MPs voted against redefining marriage than in favour, at the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill’s second reading last week.

A senior party figure told The Sun on Sunday, David Cameron has “managed to win the vote but must now be wondering was it all worth it.”

Just five per cent felt giving “equal rights” to homosexual people is the most important issue for the Government, while the economy in general came out top at 56 per cent.

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill is now at committee stage, and is expected to reach the House of Lords in May.

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