Cameron studies plans for multi-faith Lords

Islamic clerics could be sitting next to Anglican bishops in the House of Lords as David Cameron studies plans for a multi-faith reform of the upper chamber.

The move is being considered in response to calls to make the House of Lords entirely secular.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, is currently drawing up proposals for Lords reform which may include a radically reduced role for Church of England bishops.


David Cameron is understood to oppose making the upper chamber entirely secular. He thinks it should retain a link with faith-based groups.

According to The Daily Telegraph, senior Conservatives are drawing up a range of alternative reform proposals, amid fears that Mr Clegg’s changes will be too radical.

A Tory insider told the newspaper: “The idea of imams in the House of Lords may upset some people but that is better than not having anything spiritual at all.”


The Church of England has defended the participation of bishops in the House of Lords.

On a previous occasion a spokesman said it helps “connect the second chamber with the people, parishes and regions of England, not just their own worshippers”.

Earlier this year, secularist commentator Johann Hari called for Nick Clegg to be “pressured, fast” into throwing the bishops out of the Lords.

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