Cameron: No need to overhaul sex education

Children can be taught about the dangers of internet porn without an overhaul of sex education guidance, the Prime Minister has said.

Responding to a campaign by The Daily Telegraph, David Cameron agreed that sex education lessons should address the problem of adult websites.

This comes as several MPs, Christian charities and pro-family groups have written to the newspaper criticising the lack of reference to parents in its campaign to redraw sex education guidelines.


The letter, signed by director of The Christian Institute Colin Hart, says “The Government should be supporting parents” in the task of teaching their children about how to avoid pornography.

The Prime Minister said he agrees with Education Secretary Michael Gove that the issue of online pornography can be addressed without wholesale reform of current sex education guidance.

Last week, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg clashed with Mr Gove over whether to launch a reform of the way sex education is taught.


Mr Cameron said: “We need to make sure we are up to date on the problems of the internet.”

He added: “Where I absolutely agree with the Education Secretary, is that I am not looking for wholesale reform of the curriculum on sex education.”

Last week The Christian Institute urged caution over the issue. Spokesman Mike Judge said reforming the guidance could be “a political Pandora’s Box”.


He said: “Some people have good motives for wanting to change the guidance.

“They want to address the growing danger of easy access to internet porn, and the impact it has on young people’s lives.

“The Daily Telegraph and some family-friendly groups have got behind that campaign.


“But others have signed up who have a track record of pushing a liberal agenda and sidelining parents.

“Some of these groups, like the Sex Education Forum, want to make the subject mandatory and remove parents’ rights of withdrawal.

“At the moment, the guidance says schools should be neutral on the controversial issue of sexual orientation.


“Groups are claiming that the introduction of gay marriage gives them the green light to rewrite the guidance.

“This issue is a political Pandora’s Box, and the Government should leave the guidance as it is.

“Schools can still tackle issues of internet bullying and online porn, in an appropriate way, without new guidance.”

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