Cameron: first Tory PM to host gay reception

David Cameron will become the first Conservative Prime Minister to host a Downing Street reception for prominent homosexual campaigners and celebrities.

A national newspaper has branded the move part of a “concerted drive to woo the ‘pink vote'”.

Next week’s reception will mark the start of the annual ‘Gay Pride’ events and Mr Cameron is expected to give a speech to welcome guests at the reception.


But Downing Street would not confirm if the Prime Minister would attend the Gay Pride March in London on 3rd July.

Former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown both held Downing Street receptions for homosexual activists during Labour’s 13 years in Government.

A Downing Street spokesman stressed that the event is being held by the coalition Government and representatives from the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats will attend.


He added that the event was not about political support so homosexual Labour Party supporters were also on the guestlist.

He commented: “Ahead of a summer of Prides, it will be a recognition of the importance gay people play in national life”.

Mr Cameron has come under fire in recent months for pandering to increasing pressure from homosexual activists.


During a private meeting in April George Osborne, now Chancellor, reportedly told veteran homosexual campaigner Peter Tatchell that David Cameron would be “very happy” to consider changing the law to allow full homosexual marriage.

The meeting with Mr Tatchell was arranged because of a planned protest by homosexual activists outside the Conservative Party’s headquarters.

The group was protesting against comments made by Tory MP Chris Grayling. He had said that Christians who run B&Bs from their own homes should be allowed to exercise their conscience over who is allowed a double bed.


Mr Tatchell said: “The Tories are obviously worried that Chris Grayling’s comments in support of homophobic discrimination by B&B owners have undermined their party’s image as being gay-friendly.

“We only got this meeting with George Osborne because of the planned protest and because of the anti-Tory backlash generated by Mr Grayling’s support for discrimination.”

Earlier in the same month Mr Cameron said his party would change the law so that past convictions for consensual gay sex with over-16s, committed before the age of consent was reduced, would not show up on criminal record checks.

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