Cameron criticises swearing in pop songs

David Cameron has hit out at swearing in pop songs, saying that his children have picked up on the bad language.

The Prime Minister said: “They say, ‘Daddy, that’s the bad this or that word.’

“They are very conscious of that and they don’t approve of swearing.

Pop star

“They are quite right – the artists are wrong to swear”, he added.

In a wide-ranging interview for the Mail on Sunday, Mr Cameron also said he was glad his children have not connected pop star Miley Cyrus – who performs sexualised dance moves – with her former on-screen alter ego Hannah Montana.

He said his children are banned from watching TV on weekend mornings.


Mr Cameron said: “We try to limit screen time. We have rules. At the weekend: no television in the morning. We don’t do morning TV – they should be doing something.”

Earlier this month, TV cookery star Mary Berry said swearing on television is inexcusable and makes children think bad language is acceptable.

Berry, who co-judges the popular BBC show The Great British Bake Off, made the comments in an ITV interview with Piers Morgan.


When asked about fellow chef Gordon Ramsay’s swearing on TV, Berry commented: “I don’t like that. I don’t think there is any excuse for it.

“If the young are watching they will think it’s normal and they can do it”, she added.