Cabinet minister backs free speech in online transsexualism debate

Parents should remain free to speak openly about transsexualism online, Cabinet minister Liz Truss says.

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury backed the head of Mumsnet – Justine Roberts – for defending free speech on the parents’ platform at a time of intense debate.

Truss’ comments were praised by some, but one leading transsexual activist attacked her stance, suggesting she “could be investigated”.

Free speech

Earlier this month Roberts said the “thought-police” were closing down debate on the issue and rushing to malign people who disagree.

She said “a section of the hardline trans side” thinks “any discussion at all is by definition transphobic”.

In response, Truss tweeted her support for Roberts’ free speech position, adding: “#openminded #freemums”


But Delia Johnston, who previously led a pro-transsexual group, complained Truss was “giving kudos to Mumsnet”.

Johnston told the Mail on Sunday: “Truss could be investigated for backing a group that is effectively advocating violence against the transgender community.

“She may be a terf in disguise”, referring to the derogatory term, Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

On Twitter, the reaction to Truss was mixed, with one calling her ‘transphobic’ but others thanking her for taking a stand.

PM support

Truss, who twice voted for same-sex marriage, was appointed to the role of Chief Secretary to the Treasury in 2017.

Prime Minister Theresa May has signalled her support for liberalising the current law on transsexualism.

She highlighted attempts to change the Gender Recognition Act and “streamline and de-medicalise the process for changing gender” in October.

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