C4M: 500,000 tell Govt not to redefine marriage

A petition against Government plans to redefine marriage set up by Coalition for Marriage (C4M) has now passed over half a million signatures.

Colin Hart, the group’s Campaign Director, said: “This campaign proves that the British people reject the Government’s plans to change the definition of marriage. With half a million signatures, they must listen to their voters.”

Mr Hart commented that the plans are “radical and profoundly undemocratic”, saying: “Changing marriage is not like raising or lowering the rate of VAT”.


The move “would have profound implications at all levels of society, and for all age groups”, he said.

Mr Hart also commented: “Marriage has been the bedrock of society for a thousand years. The Government should pause for thought before they unravel an institution that has served Britain so well.”

And he remarked: “In today’s turbulent, fast-moving world, the continuity of marriage as a union between one man and one woman is something we should be celebrating, not changing.”


Last week, following his party’s poor performace at the local elections, Conservative MP Gerald Howarth said redefining marriage was partly to blame.

And Gary Streeter, another Conservative MP, also called for David Cameron to drop his plans for redefining marriage.

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