C4 told to edit explicit primary-aged sex ed film

Channel 4 bosses have been told by a Government minister to edit out explicit sex scenes from a teaching video used in primary schools.

The “Living and Growing” teaching pack, which includes an accompanying video, asks five-year-olds to point out the clitoris.

The video features two cartoon characters who chase each other round a bedroom with a feather before having graphic sex.


Meanwhile the narrator describes the activity as “fun and exciting”.

The material was highlighted in a report on primary school sex education, “Too Much Too Young”, produced by The Christian Institute last year.

Now the schools minister, Nick Gibb, has told Channel 4 executives that parents would be shocked and surprised at the video’s content. He ordered the broadcaster to tone it down.


Channel 4 is a state-owned TV channel that also produces teaching materials for use in schools.

The “Living and Growing” teaching pack is believed to be used in thousands of primary schools, recommended by several local authorities.

Mr Gibb told the Mail on Sunday: “Parents will be shocked that this type of material is present in primary schools and even more surprised that councils are recommending it.”

A spokesman for Channel 4 said: “The DVD supports Government requirements and is accompanied by a booklet which provides advice on the suitability of the content.”

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