Brown to promote ‘gay rights’ across the EU

Gordon Brown is in negotiations with France and Spain in an attempt to get British civil partnerships legal recognition in EU member states.

These negotiations form part of Gordon Brown’s campaign for ‘gay rights’ recognition across Europe.

During an interview with a gay lifestyle magazine Mr Brown said: “I’m fighting to get all the countries in Europe to recognise civil partnerships carried out in Britain.

“We want countries where that hasn’t been the case – especially in eastern Europe – to recognise them. We’re negotiating agreements with France and then with Spain.”

If successful the legal recognition of civil partnerships will affect areas such as immigration and pensions.

Mr Brown listed civil partnerships as a key achievement of the Labour Party and said that he had always given gay rights “strong support”.

The Prime Minister has made a number of attempts over recent months to encourage homosexual voters to back Labour in the run up to the General Election next year.

In October he called for homosexual civil partnership ceremonies to be hosted inside Parliament.

In July Mr Brown told the organisers of a gay pride march taking place in London that they had “changed the world”.

While earlier this year he invited the organisers of a controversial month-long drive to teach schoolchildren about homosexuality to a reception at 10 Downing Street.

At the reception he attacked as “unacceptable” a measure reserving marriage for one man and one woman passed by public vote in California.

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