British charity funds ‘cheapest possible’ abortions

A British charity has admitted funding more than 500 abortions for women from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Abortion Support Network (ASN) gave £40,000 to women based in both countries, so they could visit abortion clinics.

The move was heavily criticised by the Pro-Life Campaign, which accused ASN of being “in denial about the consequences of abortion.”

Stark realities

Cora Sherlock, a spokeswoman for the group said: “There is nothing compassionate about facilitating abortion and ignoring the heartbreak and harm it can lead to for the woman, and the fact that it also results in the death of a defenceless unborn child”.

She argued that: “These stark realities cannot be sidestepped if we are to have an honest and open debate”.

“Instead of facilitating abortion”, Sherlock said, “there is an onus on counselling agencies and everyone participating in the wider abortion debate to work to make society a more welcoming place for expectant mothers and their unborn babies”.

Cheap abortions

ASN was started in 2009 by American Mara Clarke. It gives advice and money to women who are seeking an abortion.

Clarke said: “We give money; last year we gave almost £40,000. But the first thing we do is help achieve the cheapest possible abortion.”

ASN is funded by private donations, including a sizeable amount from the Feminist Review Trust.

Equal rights

Last year abortion where the mother is suicidal was made legal by the Irish Parliament after heated debates.

Objections were raised to the move because Ireland’s constitution gives equal rights to unborn babies.

Many pro-life supporters argued that the legislation will open the door to future abortion on demand, by permitting it on wide-ranging grounds.

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