Britain’s oldest married couple celebrate 75 years

A Scottish couple celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary on New Year’s Day.

Robert, 100, and Susan Erskine, 99, celebrated their anniversary surrounded by all three generations of their family.

The pair told of their joy at becoming Britain’s oldest married couple.


Mrs Erskine said: “I love him as much now as I did then and we still kiss and hold hands, despite being married for so long.

“Robert has always been by my side, all throughout the years since the war.

“We have our disagreements but we also make up again.”

The only time Mr and Mrs Erskine were separated was during the Second World War when Mr Erskine was called into the army as a dispatch rider in Baghdad and Cairo.


During his service Mr Erskine wrote to his wife almost every day.

They were reunited at the end of the war.

The couple are still active with Mrs Erskine singing in the church choir until recently and they still spend time with friends and family.