Public toilets in Brighton to become ‘gender neutral’

“Gender neutral” toilets will replace male and female toilets as part of a £140,000 refurbishment in an area of Brighton.

The move, which is reportedly to cater for transgender people, has been strongly criticised by a local councillor.

Images depicting a man and a woman will be fitted to the doors.


Lynda Hyde, a Conservative councillor in the Rottingdean area, said: “This does seem to be a case of unnecessary bureaucracy and political correctness.

“Local residents, particularly women with children, would much prefer to use separate facilities as apart from anything else, it is safer.”

Cllr Hyde said she understood that Brighton and Hove City Council plans to gradually phase out all male and female lavatories.


The refurbishment, which will include four toilets and a café, is being jointly funded by Rottingdean Parish Council and Brighton and Hove City Council.

The City Council reportedly disclosed in emails that it wished to promote the term “gender neutral” and build mixed-sex facilities.

But a spokeswoman declined to comment on the specifics of promoting the term “gender neutral”.


Last year Brighton Council was criticised for considering banning the use of ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ in official documents.

The proposal was suggested following a council survey into the lives of transsexual residents.

But Tory councillor Dawn Barrett said: “It’s completely ludicrous and shows a complete lack of respect.”

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