Bookmakers giving as little as 1p to gambling charity, The Times reveals

Companies that profit from gambling are giving as little as one penny to a charity that aims to support addicts, it has been revealed.

The Times reports that figures within the GambleAware organisation said token donations took place under the voluntary scheme currently in place.

The organisation raised £8 million in the twelve months to 31 March 2017 – £2 million less than the target set by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board.

Compulsory charge

GambleAware has publicly said it would support a “statutory levy” on gambling businesses, if the present system “fails to deliver”.

Marc Etches, GambleAware’s Chief Executive, said more work was needed to address gambling addiction, requiring “all businesses that profit from gambling to step up to the plate in the next twelve months”.

The group said estimated numbers of problem gamblers lie at around 250,000 in Britain – with 470,000 more at risk.

Addictive machines

The Times said that a review of gambling regulations – due to report after the election – is considering changes to the current scheme.

In March it was revealed that gamblers are continuing to lose an increasing amount of money on addictive gaming machines, in the face of a Government crackdown.

Despite the introduction of a ‘soft cap’ on Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) – meaning curbs are placed on anyone wanting to wager more than £50 – spending on the machines increased.

GambleAware said at the time that the move was ineffective.

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