Blasphemous Netflix show sparks mass complaint

Netflix is facing a petition signed by over two million people calling for the removal of a blasphemous film.

The First Temptation of Christ shows ‘God’ lusting after ‘Mary’ and insinuates that ‘Jesus’ has engaged in homosexual sex.

The petition says it vilifies Christianity, but both the filmmakers and Netflix – which distributed and partly funded the material – defend the production.


In the 45-minute show, one of the ‘Wise Men’ is depicted bringing a prostitute to a party, while Mary smokes cannabis.

Jesus hallucinates after drinking a “special tea” and encounters ‘Buddha’, ‘Krishna’ and ‘Allah’, who is not shown.

Orlando, a companion of Jesus, strongly suggests they have had homosexual sex. At the end, he is revealed to be Satan.


Over two million people have signed a petition against the programme, which was made in Brazil but is available in the UK.

The petition calls for a public retraction for the “serious offence” caused. Some of the signatories are threatening to cancel their subscriptions.

Netflix is currently standing by the production, saying it is satire and that the film’s creators are using their freedom to express diverse views.


Ciarán Kelly, Deputy Director at The Christian Institute, said: “Netflix is free to provide such content. Christians are free to avoid it. Many are already exercising their freedom by cancelling their subscriptions.

“It shows very poor judgement on the part of Netflix. To depict the central figures of the Christian faith in this blasphemous, derogatory way is deeply saddening.

“We invite its executives to listen to their customers and take appropriate action.”

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