Bishop numbers set to be cut in reformed House of Lords

The number of bishops in the House of Lords should be reduced, according to a controversial recommendation that looks set to be accepted by the Government.

The recommendation comes from a cross-party committee of Peers and MPs that is looking into the issue of reworking the House of Lords, according to a BBC report.

The committee has reportedly recommended that the number of bishops should be cut to twelve from the current 26. Some campaigners want bishops removed from the House of Lords altogether.


But critics are concerned about any move which could pave the way for the disestablishment of the Church of England.

James Landale, the BBC’s Deputy Political Editor, said the recommendation is “almost certain to be accepted by the government”, which is due to publish its plans for a reformed House of Lords later this year.

The Joint Committee on Lords Reform will publish its report on Monday 23 April.


In February last year journalist Johann Hari said Nick Clegg, who is responsible for the legislation on Lords reform, needs “to be pressured, fast” into making sure bishops are entirely removed from the Lords.

A spokesman for the Church of England has previously said the role of the bishops in the Lords helps “connect the second chamber with the people, parishes and regions of England, not just their own worshippers”.

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