‘Biological sex is binary and immutable’, says new civil service forum

A new employee forum plans to defend biological reality among civil servants.

The Sex Equality and Equity Network (SEEN) was recently launched and aims to help civil servants exercise their freedom of thought, conscience and religion. It is open to all public sector staff in the UK.

The cross-government network is committed to protecting the belief that “biological sex is binary and immutable” and that “biological sex matters for both women and men in our everyday lives”.

‘Clear language’

The group says “biological sex must not be conflated with, or replaced by, the concepts of gender or gender identity”.

It added that there is a need to “talk openly and clearly about sex-based rights using clear language”.

SEEN membership is open to all UK civil servants and public sector staff – from central government departments, agencies, and their associated public bodies, including arm’s length bodies.

Welcoming the new network, a Whitehall source told The Daily Telegraph: “Whether it is introducing pronouns, building ‘universal’ toilets or referring to ‘chestfeeding’, the assault on women in the civil service is now facing pushback.”

Support reality

Maya Forstater, Director of Sex Matters, said: “I hear from many people that they are afraid of being harassed and discriminated against at work if they speak up about sex-based rights.”

She added: “A network like this can give people support and make clear that the ordinary belief that sex matters is worthy of respect.”

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