Biggins: I don’t see the need for gay marriage

Homosexual celebrity Christopher Biggins thinks “civil partnerships are fantastic” but does not see the need for same-sex marriage.

Earlier this year Mr Biggins appeared on an ITV daytime show saying that he didn’t want to redefine marriage because “we can’t just get rid of everything.”

Now he has reiterated his position, saying: “I am still against it; I mean it’s just not for me. If that’s what people want and if that’s what they can get, then that’s fine. I don’t see the necessity.”


He added: “I think civil partnerships are fantastic, and as far as I’m concerned that’s enough for me.

“I am all for equality, I think it’s very important, however I don’t think equality means getting married in a church.”

Mr Biggins made the comments during an interview with an online homosexual lifestyle magazine.


His comments come amid attempts to redefine marriage in both Westminster and Holyrood.

Last month the Scottish Government revealed that it intended to plough ahead with its plan to redefine marriage despite strong opposition.

And David Cameron has said that he is “absolutely determined” to introduce same-sex marriage by 2015.


Nearly 600,000 people have signed a petition, organised by the Coalition for Marriage, calling for the current definition of marriage to remain unchanged.

Last month George Michael said that civil partnerships already offer same-sex couples the “same rights” as married couples.

The singer, who is openly homosexual, said: “Civil registration partnerships are legally correct. They give people the same rights as people in marriage.

“But I don’t believe in forcing it and I think it will fail if you force churches who don’t believe in it to have gay marriage ceremonies.”

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