Biden expands federal abortion access in wake of Roe v Wade ruling

US President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to “protect” and “expand” access to abortion on demand.

Biden directed the Secretary of Health and Human Services to take measures to promote abortion, ensure women have access to clinics, and expand the provision of abortion pills.

The order came just two weeks after the US Supreme Court judgment on Roe v Wade, which returned responsibility for laws on abortion to elected representatives in the 50 states.

Bypassing safeguards

Making the announcement, Biden pledged to do “everything in his power to defend” and “protect access” to abortion.

At the same time, Democrat Governors in a number of states signed orders to bolster their existing pro-abortion laws, with Maine, North Carolina and Rhode Island also introducing legislation to help women from other states visiting abortion clinics escape prosecution.

Last week, Mississippi became the latest state to ban abortion in all but exceptional circumstances. Strong protections for the unborn now exist in eight US states.

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