BBC highlights Christians Against Poverty’s work on prime time TV

Christians working to combat poverty in the UK have been showcased in an hour-long documentary on BBC 2.

Focusing on John Kirkby, who founded Christians Against Poverty (CAP), “The Debt Saviours” featured case studies of people helped out of crippling financial situations.

Writing before the programme aired, CAP said: “Our prayer is that it reaches people in need and encourages them to seek support.”


Originally aired at 9pm on Friday, the programme followed several CAP figures across the course of six months this year.

One woman, Holly, lived in fear of bailiffs. She was shown receiving help and going to church.

Gareth told how God helped him forgive the man who abused him, and that he now works with CAP to help others.

I fervently believe in the power of prayer

John Kikby

And viewers also met Ronnie who was in debt after being found innocent of a drugs-related crime.


Throughout, John Kirkby was questioned about the ethos of the organisation.

“So why don’t you just go into people’s homes, offer them the service that you offer, in terms of the practical service, and then walk away, and not mention Jesus, not mention the Bible?”, asked Director Phillip Wood.

Kirkby replied that people are curious about why CAP does what it does – “people expect us to be Christian”.

We mustn’t become less salty or hide our light

CAP’s National PR Manager

He also tells Wood: “I fervently believe in the power of prayer”, adding the debt counselling is important but “we have a spiritual dimension to who we are”.


CAP’s National PR Manager, Marianne Clough, suggested the programme was important when Christianity is not regularly proclaimed through the media.

She said: “So this is the story we have to keep telling despite the prejudices. We mustn’t become less salty or hide our light.”

On Twitter, users were positive about the programme with Christians and non-Christians expressing praise for the work.

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