BBC endorses transsexualism on 6 o’clock news

The Christian Institute has criticised the BBC for using its most popular TV news programme to promote transsexualism.

Monday’s 6 o’clock news bulletin included a feature on a Jamaican lady who the reporter claimed has “transitioned from female to male”.

Simon Calvert, spokesman for The Christian Institute, said he was “disappointed by such a one-sided treatment of a highly controversial issue”.

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According to Ofcom’s 2015 report into news consumption in the UK, BBC One is by far the most-used news source, reaching 48 per cent of UK adults. The BBC’s 6 o’clock news is watched by more than 5 million people.

The three-minute feature told the story of Romario Wanliss’ return to Jamaica from the UK after taking hormones in an attempt to transition from female to male.

Mr Calvert responded saying: “The BBC is a publicly funded broadcaster which reaches millions of people every day. It is responsible for reporting news, not taking sides on controversial issues.


“For the BBC to run what amounts to a transsexual campaign video on their flagship news programme seems to me to be a clear breach of its duty of impartiality.

“A recent poll shows that the majority of people in the UK say that there are only two sexes, male and female.

“Clearly the BBC disagrees. But it is not up to them to campaign to change people’s minds on transsexualism.

… a clear breach of its duty of impartiality.

Simon Calvert

“The BBC should think twice before taking such a highly political stance in future.”


In an exclusive interview with The Christian Institute Walt Heyer, an author and former transsexual, said: “It’s puzzling that somebody like the BBC doesn’t look at the actual research”.

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Last month, a report from MPs on the Women and Equalities Committee called for a move towards “self-declaration” of gender, an ‘X’ option for passports and 16 and 17-year-olds to be allowed to apply for gender recognition.

Responding at the time Mr Calvert said: “Transsexual people are absolutely entitled to the same dignity as anyone else. But MPs must stop trying to force people to agree with transsexualism itself.”


He added: “A man cannot become a woman. A woman cannot become a man. We are not talking here about the very tiny number of people with genuine intersex conditions.

“For transsexual people, like the rest of us, their sex is a fixed reality, proved by their biology and declared by every cell in their bodies. No amount of political force or Hollywood propaganda can change that.”