BBC continues pro-trans push in news output

The BBC News website has declared that the NHS is “not transgender-friendly enough”, based on the testimony of one transsexual patient.

An article published last week is the latest in a series of items used as a vehicle to promote transsexualism.

The broadcaster has come under fire in the past year for its one-sided reporting on the issue.

Sex-change surgery

The latest piece begins with comments by 53-year-old Kirsty Cass, a man who had surgery to ‘change his sex’.

Cass said he was ‘demoralised’ and ‘humiliated’ when NHS staff referred to him as “he” and took him to a male ward, during visits to hospital.

He also criticised the treatment of another male transsexual patient who was “referred to as ‘mate’” by a porter.

‘Entirely genderless’

The article states as fact that: “Gender is more complex than the traditional binary definitions of ‘man’ and ‘woman’.

“It goes beyond simple anatomy and is about how a person identifies themself.

“A person may look like a man, but feel like a woman or vice versa. Some people self-identify as entirely genderless.”


It goes on to praise guidance from the Royal College of Nursing, which tells nurses that best practice is to ‘affirm’ the ‘gender identity’ of transsexual patients despite their biological sex.

The guidance says that medical staff have a “powerful role to play in affirming the true gender identity of trans people.

“This can be demonstrated by using pronouns of the patient’s choosing when referring to them.”

Radical ideology

The BBC has come under fire for using its prominent position to promote radical gender ideology.

In February, the BBC’s flagship 6 o’clock news bulletin ran a feature on a Jamaican woman, who the reporter claimed has “transitioned from female to male”.

In April, the broadcaster gave Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Bernadette Wren a platform to say that doctors should facilitate the “social revolution” of transsexualism and then just wait to see how it turns out.

And last month, Times columnist Janice Turner gave a scathing review of a Radio 4 programme in which presenter Jennifer Tracey interviewed a 10-year-old girl, whose parents used the internet to help her decide she is ‘non-binary’ – neither male nor female.


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