Backlash as doctors in Scotland call for ‘DIY’ abortions

Pro-life campaigners have hit out at calls for a change in the law to allow women to have ‘DIY’ abortions at home.

A study, by medical researchers at Glasgow University, says that women should be allowed to self-administer abortifacient drugs at home, in “comfort and privacy”.

Currently, Scottish women have to take abortion drugs in the company of a healthcare professional and are offered the choice of staying in hospital.

‘DIY’ abortion

Pro-life group the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) said it was “deeply concerned over any proposal that would effectively encourage ‘DIY’ abortion.

“Any abortion is a tragedy but carrying out an abortion at home and seeing the product of abortion would be a terrible psychological ordeal for many women.”

A spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church also criticised the calls, saying: “Regardless of the method used to carry out the abortion, it always results in the loss of innocent human life, which no civilised society should ever condone.”

No plans

The calls were seized on by lobby group Abortion Rights, which said: “Changes in legislation would provide a most welcome comfort and normality for a woman having an abortion”.

Responding to the report, a spokesman for the Scottish Government said it has no plans to change the law on abortion.

“The Scottish Government is continuing to work with NHS boards on the provision of abortion services in Scotland within existing legislation.”

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