Baby dies after mother took DIY abortion pills while 28 weeks pregnant

A coroner is investigating the death of an unborn baby after a mother illegally took home abortion pills while 28 weeks pregnant.

As part of its coronavirus measures, the Government changed the law to permit women up to ten weeks pregnant to take abortion pills at home after just a telephone or e-consultation with a doctor. The new rules will remain in place for up to two years or until the COVID-19 crisis recedes.

The mother under investigation was four weeks beyond the 24-week limit for most abortions in the UK.


Commercial abortionists the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which runs the home abortion service, said it would also look into the cases of eight other women who have taken the pills past the new ten-week limit.

Catherine Robinson, a spokeswoman for Right to Life UK, said the tragedy showed that “telemedicine abortion services are endangering the lives of women and being used to illegally abort babies after our 24-week abortion time limit”.

We are calling on the Government to immediately revoke the dangerous decision to allow DIY abortions

She described the issue as probably “only the tip of the iceberg” as most women will not inform abortion providers that “they have broken the law using their service”.

Robinson concluded: “We are calling on the Government to immediately revoke the dangerous decision to allow DIY abortions and launch a full investigation.”

Legal action

Last week, the High Court ruled that the Government’s change to abortion law to allow home abortions was legal, despite concerns the new measure puts women’s safety at risk.

The legal challenge against the Government was brought by Christian Concern. It argued that women could be more easily coerced into an abortion, that someone could take an abortion pill prescribed for another person, and that there are no guarantees the pills will be taken within the ten-week window.

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