Baby born with three legs will live a normal life

Doctors who carried out major surgery on a baby born with three legs say he will live a normal life, after his mother refused to abort him.

The unnamed boy, now 15 months old, is “walking and looking around at the world”, according to media reports.

The baby underwent surgery after birth, followed by the successful removal of his middle leg and extra urinary organs.

Additional leg

The additional leg was spotted during a routine scan but his mother refused an abortion and said she planned to deliver him.

Medics believe that the baby, who was born in Russia, was originally a twin that developed into one boy.

Earlier this year, a mother in the UK who rejected advice to abort her daughter at twelve weeks old said she is now a “sassy, feisty and strong little girl”.

Naomi Moazzeny was told her baby would die in the womb, but three years on she “doesn’t let anything stop her”.


The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) praised such parents who “refused to bow to medical pressure in the faith that their child would survive and deserve to live whatever their disability may be.

“They chose life and now their children are happy and thriving.

“It is devastating to think of the countless parents who have aborted their baby under the pressure from doctors.”

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