Baby born at legal abortion limit now thriving

A baby born in Scotland at the legal limit for abortion – 24 weeks – has now reached ten weeks old and is thriving.

Claire Cressey gave birth to her daughter Emily on February 27, and was first able to hold her on Mothers’ Day in March.

Cressey was transported by a medical team from her home in the Borders to hospital, when she went into labour just six months into her pregnancy.


Baby Emily was taken to the neonatal unit and placed in an incubator as soon as she was born.

Weighing just 1lb 3oz, and fitting into the palm of her mother’s hand, Emily is among Scotland’s youngest surviving babies.

Her family marks each week she is alive with a cake and candles.


Cressey said: “We are truly blessed by Emily, wow where have the ten weeks gone?

“I cradle Emily and think back to those first few weeks every day and I am shocked at how far we have come.”

“Although Emily is still very tiny she is here, she is strong, she is determined”, she added.


Emily is now ten weeks old, and has been fed with a bottle for the first time – a moment her mother described as “wonderful”.

She added, “I’m so grateful for this time, so precious, when you fight to keep your baby alive for so long you often overlook these simple kind of moments”.

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