Baby born at 23 weeks defies expectations

A baby born one week before the 24 week abortion limit has defied doctors’ expectations and is now doing well at 20 months.

Zoe Ambrose was told that her baby was not “viable” for help and medics predicted just a 25 per cent chance of survival.

Zoe told The Sun newspaper that she had felt “so helpless” but could not let her little girl “die without a fight”.

‘Save her life’

“I’d been in labour for an hour before a doctor told me they didn’t legally have to save my baby because she was going to be born before 24 weeks”, she said.

“I begged them to do everything they could to save her life and in the end they agreed.”

Baby Paige was born weighing only one pound five ounces in August 2015.

Zoe said she was “so worried” that Paige would not survive and so she “prepared for the worst”.

I begged them to do everything they could to save her life.

Zoe Ambrose


Paige was diagnosed as partially sighted in one eye and underwent stomach surgery at only three weeks old.

Remarkably, her health improved and she was discharged from hospital on December 16, 2015. Now 20 months, Paige is “expected to live a long and full life”.

Zoe says she is “so grateful” that Paige is alive and well, adding: “And now I have her home, we couldn’t be prouder of our amazing little girl”.

Overwhelming majority

Last week, a new poll found that an overwhelming majority of women want the abortion limit lowered. The poll also revealed that 65 per cent of Britons say using taxpayer money on abortions abroad is wrong.

And the findings showed that almost 80 per cent of people support a five-day ‘consideration period’ before an abortion, as is the case in the Netherlands.

In Great Britain, abortions generally can take place up to 24 weeks but disabled children can be aborted up to birth.

Yet according to the poll, only one per cent of respondents support the abortion limit being raised to birth – something being pushed for by abortion giant BPAS.

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