Baby Bella born at 23 weeks finally home from hospital

Little baby Bella born before the legal abortion limit, not only survived, but is now finally home after six months in hospital.

Bella’s mother, Vicky, now joins many other parents in calling for the 24 week abortion limit to be lowered in light of the number of babies surviving at 23 weeks.

Doctors told Bella’s parents she was unlikely to survive the night, but six months later baby Bella is doing well and finally home.


Vicky, 30, said: “It was very emotional to bring Bella home as there was a time when we thought this might not happen.

“The day after Bella was born we were told she would not survive the night but she did and now she is home – it’s amazing”.

Fighting chance

“Bella 100% wanted to be here and she has just dealt with everything, she has such a strong little character.”

Commenting on the 24 week abortion limit she said: “I think the abortion limit should be significantly lowered to 10 weeks unless there is a medical reason as to why it’s later.”

“Bella shows that babies can survive at 23 weeks old if they are given a fighting chance.


“More premature babies are surviving all the time due to advances in medical treatment”, she added.

Research has shown that the majority of babies born at 23 weeks survive with the help of specialist neonatal wards.

Recent figures show that at least 120 babies born at 23 weeks, one week before the legal abortion limit, have survived in the last four years.

Out of date

Writing for Breitbart News in October, Conservative MP Fiona Bruce said the 24 week abortion limit is “out of date” and the “viability” of a child is not a real measure of its value.

She said: “The idea that the right to life is dependent on an unborn child’s ‘viability’ runs into all sorts of problems when subjected to a little critical thought.”

Referring to the pro-abortion lobby, she warned: “Once you have enthroned choice, it becomes very difficult to criticise any particular exercise of that choice, even when the life that is being ended is unmistakeably one of us.”

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