Babies thriving after mothers choose life

A young woman who refused to abort her twin boys after one of her amniotic sacs burst at 16 weeks was called ‘inhumane’ by medics.

Hannah Morris, a 27 year-old from Tyne and Wear, was told that her babies would not survive the ruptured sacs – the second of which burst at 19 weeks.

Her boys George and Alfie were delivered by C-section at 34 weeks, despite doctors advising abortion, and are now thriving at two years old.

‘Absolutely abominable’

The condition, pre-term premature rupture of membranes (PPROM), affects around two per cent of pregnancies each year.

Doctors at the Royal Bolton Hospital told Hannah that the twins’ organs may fail and that their limbs may stick to their bodies.

When Hannah decided not to have an abortion, she said: “The negativity from the NHS was absolutely abominable”.

‘Get-out clause’

She says: “A lot of the doctors had not got a clue what to do with me. It was like it was their get-out clause to say ‘have a termination’ because it was easier than to actually treat PPROM.”

Two days after being advised to have an abortion, a scan revealed that George and Alfie were healthy.

However doctors advised Hannah that would change and “choosing to carry on was immensely inhumane and was the worst thing I could do”.

Another abortion rejected

Similarly, a US mum was advised to abort her baby boy when a five month scan revealed that he had tetra-amelia syndrome.

Mum Jasmine said: “My doctor told me my baby didn’t have any limbs. I just stared at him and he asked me if I understood, then I just started crying.”

She added, “but I decided to go on with the pregnancy”.

A bright future

Baby RJ was born, weighing just two pounds and four ounces.

“He’s a normal baby in every way except he doesn’t have any arms or legs”, Jasmine said.

“I think RJ’s future will be bright. I think he could be a public speaker and share his condition with the world.”

It comes as news from Japan reveals that a baby boy born weighing just ten ounces at 24 weeks, has broken the world record as the smallest newborn to be discharged from hospital in good health.

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