Australian Christians sued by homosexuals

The Christian owners of a holiday resort in Victoria, Australia are facing legal action after they refused to allow a homosexual youth group to run a camp on the site.

Christian Youth Camps, the owners of the resort, are now the subject of a complaint filed by the youth group under laws similar to the UK’s anti-discrimination legislation.

The homosexual youth group, Way Out, wanted to use the Phillip Island Adventure Resort to host a meeting.

But Christian Youth Camps said it “desires all guests to experience Christian life and values, and it was the aims of the Way Out group in promoting a lifestyle to young people contrary to those values that was in question”.

Way Out has now filed its complaint with the Victorian Equal Opportunities and Human Rights Commission, and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

There are concerns that the growing popularity of ‘anti-discrimination’ legislation in western countries will increase the number of cases where Christians’ religious liberties are threatened.

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