Atheist bus ads hit the streets

An atheist advertising campaign which declares “There’s probably no God” has been launched on public transport across Britain.

The ad, which goes on to say: “Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”, is appearing on 600 buses in cities across England, Scotland and Wales.

It will appear on an additional 200 bendy buses in London for a month. Two large LCD screens bearing the atheist message have been placed in Oxford Street.

Quotes from well-known atheists will be placed on 1,000 posters on London Underground trains for two weeks starting on Monday.

Last August an initial attempt to raise funds via online donations failed to attract sufficient support.

But following a high-profile media campaign backed by famous atheists like Prof. Richard Dawkins the campaign managed to raise more than £140,000.

The use of the word ‘probably’ in the slogan, “there’s probably no God”, has raised a few eyebrows. It was feared that a categorical denial of God’s existence could break advertising rules.

Prof. Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, said: “I wanted something stronger but with hindsight I think it’s probably a good thing because it makes people think.

“It’s just food for thought – people will have conversations in pubs when they see these buses.”

A Church of England spokesman said: “We would defend the right of any group representing a religious or philosophical position to be able to promote that view through appropriate channels.

“However, Christian belief is not about worrying or not enjoying life.”