Ashers case an example of ‘new dark age of intolerance’

Supporting traditional marriage and being pro-life is now “a thought crime” in British society, an author and historian has said.

Highlighting the Christian Institute case of Ashers Baking Company , A.N. Wilson wrote in the Daily Mail of how “tolerance” has been “morphed into a political correctness” leading to a less tolerant society.

Wilson suggested Britain has entered a new “Dark Age of Intolerance” where freedom of speech “has been lost”.

‘Freedom of thought’

He said that although he does not share their views on marriage, he questioned why expressing a traditional Christian view should lead to legal action.

“My concern here is not about the rights and wrongs of gay marriage, transgender rights, our colonial history, or any of the other emotive issues that are subject to endless debate in the modern age.

“It is about freedom of thought and speech; freedom to disagree in a liberal society; freedom to have thoughts which are different from the current orthodoxy.”

‘Not allowed’

Wilson also noted the onslaught of criticism that was received by both Tim Farron and Jacob Rees-Mogg for publicly stating traditional views.

Referring to Farron’s resignation as leader of the Liberal Democrats – he said: “This was a signal to the world that if you want to succeed in modern politics, it is simply not allowed to hold views which, until a very short time ago, were the consensus among the great majority of people in the Western world.”

Rees-Mogg’s views on marriage and abortion, he said were “treated with incredulity and disdain by everyone from trolls and women’s groups to the higher echelons of the political Establishment”.

‘Dark Ages’

He added: “Not believing in abortion, like not believing in gay marriage, is now, unquestionably, a thought crime.”

Wilson called on people to take a stand to ‘defend the right’ of those who hold differing views.

“Little by little, we are allowing the Dark Ages of intolerance to come again. We should not be letting this happen.”

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