Artist expelled from studio after being branded ‘transphobic’

An artist has been expelled from an art studio over accusations that her social media posts were “explicitly transphobic” and ‘discriminatory’.

Painter Stephanie Douet posted on Facebook that transgenderism “seems to open the door to possibilities of grief, pain and disappointment, all the things you want to protect your loved ones from”.

OUTPOST Studios claimed that the choices of those who identify as the opposite sex cannot be “put to question”, and revoked both her membership and the licence to her studio.

‘Sad reflection’

Douet stood by her views, informing the studio that her two posts were intended to “stimulate discussion” after she had witnessed “very little open and free debate” on Facebook.

The artist said that she was “disturbed by the prevalence of the idea that you can be born ‘in the wrong body'” and troubled that society is excluding attributes such as “menstruation” and “childbearing” from debate.

She said that following her posts, a university lecturer contacted her saying that she was afraid to post publicly about the issue as anyone who asks questions is “likely to be subject to abuse”.


It comes as JK Rowling has launched an impassioned defence of her opposition to radical gender ideology, after being attacked by trans activists for observing that men don’t have periods.

The Harry Potter author has been inundated with vile online abuse for highlighting the importance of biological sex.

But she is refusing to back down despite personal criticism from celebrity colleagues Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Eddie Redmayne, who have all starred in films based on her work.

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