Anti-Christian bullying on the rise in Australian schools

Christian parents in Australia are increasingly turning to home education in the face of a massive rise in anti-Christian bullying.

Over the last four years, the number of children being educated at home has jumped by 50 per cent.

Many parents reported their children were targeted for supporting traditional marriage.


Accelerate Christian Home Schooling co-ordinator Stuart Chapman said a shift in school values showing a hostility towards Christianity was behind the rise.

He said: “In our celebration of diversity, Christians are now the ones who are the target of bullying and in the minority.”

He added that parents feel their children “are being targeted because they believe in the traditional family”.


Mr Chapman said that the shift had become even more pronounced since the vote to redefine marriage earlier this year.

Bullying of religious students has increased, and in some instances teachers are also reported to be marginalising their students.

In one case, students supporting the traditional definition of marriage were forced to stand at the back of their classrooms.

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