Anglicans: ‘We are heartbroken we can no longer recognise the CofE’s leadership’

A worldwide group of orthodox Anglican bishops has announced that it can no longer “walk together” with the Church of England, after the CofE voted to bless same-sex partners.

The Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA), which claims to represent 75 per cent of Anglicans worldwide, stated that despite its desire for unity it cannot remain “in communion” with those provinces that have departed from the historic faith and taken the path of false teaching”.

The group said it “breaks our hearts” that the Church of England has “disqualified herself” from leadership and chosen to break fellowship with Anglicans who remain faithful to biblical sexual ethics.


The bishops added: “What has happened in the Church of England has only served to strengthen our resolve to work together to re-set the Communion, and to ensure that the re-set Communion is marked by reform and renewal.

“Only then will the Anglican Church as a whole be able to be God’s channel of light and transformation in a dark and broken world. Only then will we be able to live out our witness as part of God’s one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.”

The group said it intends to collaborate with other orthodox Anglican groups to guide Christians who are in churches that have departed from the Bible.

‘Rewriting God’s law’

Earlier this month, the Church of England’s General Synod voted to welcome plans to offer “prayers of dedication, thanksgiving and for God’s blessing” for individuals who have been through a same-sex civil ceremony. Same-sex weddings will still not be permitted in churches.

The motion to “commend” the bishops’ proposals required a majority approval from each House of the Synod – allowing the Bishops to block amendments to their own proposals. They voted for it 36 to four, the House of Clergy voted 111 to 85 and the House of Laity voted 103 to 92.

Prior to the vote, the Chairman of the GSFA described the plans as a “collective failure” to defend biblical truth and doctrine.

The Most Revd Dr Justin Badi said: “They are re-writing God’s law for His creation; laws that are re-affirmed by Christ in the Gospel accounts.”

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