Amnesty under fire over push to legalise abortion in Ireland

Amnesty International has come under fire for calling for the repeal of a law protecting the unborn in the Republic of Ireland.

Crossbench Peer Lord Alton, medical ethics expert Dr Peter Saunders and other pro-life supporters have criticised the organisation’s high-profile campaign, including an advert which features actor Liam Neeson.

Lord Alton said Amnesty’s push to change the law is “simply disingenuous”.

Dig deeper

“Their publicity makes it seem as if they want abortions solely where the baby is going to die.

“If you dig deeper you discover that they want to repeal article 40.3.3 of the constitution”, he added.

Lord Alton said that Amnesty’s founder, the late Peter Benenson, would probably disassociate himself from the organisation over this campaign.


Dr Ruth Cullen, of Pro Life Campaign, said that Amnesty has “nothing to say to parents who were pressured to go down the road of abortion and now deeply regret the decision”.

And CEO of the Christian Medical Fellowship Dr Peter Saunders commented that Amnesty International now “perversely campaigns for a human right to end human lives. Specifically the most vulnerable of all: unborn children”.

“It is ironic that an organisation which in 1977 received the Nobel Peace Prize for its lifesaving work would today be championing ending the very lives that most need the humane advocacy it is meant to provide”, he added.

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