Amazon accused of ‘enforcing trans orthodoxy’

Amazon has been accused of ‘enforcing trans orthodoxy’ after it rejected an advert for a book warning about the risks of young girls undergoing sex change surgery.

‘Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters’ argues that girls are being pressured into diagnosing themselves with gender dysphoria.

The online retailer is still selling the book but refused to promote it, saying it “claims to diagnose, treat, or question sexual orientation”.


Author Abigail Shrier wrote: “If you write a book celebrating troubled teenage girls suddenly coming out as ‘transgender’ in friend groups, pursuing a regimen of cross-sex hormones and surgeries – Amazon will happily promote it.

“But if you write a book that points out the risks of this gender journey, Amazon wants nothing to do with you.”

She added that her aim was “to get parents and teens the facts they’ll need to know before making consequential and irreversible decisions. Why is Amazon working to keep them in the dark?”


In 2018, an academic at a top US university found that heavy exposure to online content about gender transition is partially behind the phenomenon of ‘rapid-onset gender dysphoria’ (ROGD).

ROGD is a term applied to teenagers who suddenly express feelings of being “born in the wrong body”, despite never having experienced such feelings in earlier life.

Brown University’s Dr Lisa Littman published her research in 2018, but activists who disagreed with her findings branded it “completely flawed”.

But despite efforts from the trans lobby to have the research pulled, it has withstood an extensive peer review process.

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