‘Amazing’ 1lb baby could have been legally aborted

A mother has shared how her “amazing” son is now prospering after being born one week before the legal abortion limit.

Baby Flynn weighed just 1lb 1oz when he was born at 23 weeks and doctors predicted that he might not even live one day.

Mum Hoda Ali said that he “fought every day” to survive.


Flynn suffered from serious medical issues after birth and required a ventilator to breath.

At just 13 weeks, he had to undergo laser eye surgery.

“A doctor told me, ‘he’s a fighter, all premature babies are’. It was true”, said Hoda.

His health continued to improve and he was allowed to leave University College London Hospital on 16 June last year, ten days after his original due date.


Flynn is now 15 months and healthy.

Hoda said: “Walking out of hospital, we were so proud of our boy and everything he’d battled.”

She added that it is “amazing to see” her son come “so far”.

In Britain, abortions generally can take place up to 24 weeks, but disabled children can be aborted up to birth.

‘Living proof’

Last November, a mum called for a change to the UK abortion limit after her son Ollie was born under the abortion limit and went on to defy all doctors’ expectations.

Deborah Jackson said: “He’s living proof a baby can survive being born at 23 weeks. Babies are dying unnecessarily and should get the chance to fight.

“It is legal to abort a baby at the same stage as Ollie which distresses me greatly.”

According to a poll released earlier this year, 70 per cent of women want the abortion limit lowered in the UK. Findings also showed that one per cent of respondents support the abortion limit being raised to birth – something being pushed for by abortion giant BPAS.

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