Ad-list website allowing Class A drugs to be sold

A BBC investigation has discovered that dealers are using a classified advertising website to sell Class A drugs.

BBC news programme Inside Out East Midlands discovered that cocaine was being sold on Craigslist, along with other drugs such as cannabis.

The website was started in America but now operates in over 70 countries around the world.


BBC reporter Jonathan Gibson went undercover to buy cocaine from a dealer in Derby, even though Craigslist prohibits drugs from being sold.

Gibson revealed that illegal drugs “are being sold next to second hand sofas” on the website.

He discovered that money laundering and stolen passports were also being advertised.

Cocaine is a Class A drug, meaning it is illegal to possess or supply it. The penalty for possession is up to seven years in prison, while supply can result in a life sentence or an unlimited fine.


Intelligence and security expert Phillip Ingram said the footage of the drug deal was “frightening”.

“I’m shocked at what’s there because it’s not difficult for the internet companies to put elements onto their website to be able to police this sort of stuff and they should be policing it and taking it down.”

“I think it’s critical that the police force or the law enforcement agencies force the likes of Craigslist to do something about it”, he added.

Craigslist did not reply to the BBC’s request for comment on the story.


In August, the BBC was criticised for airing a pro-cannabis documentary.

The show, called ‘Cannabis: Time for a change?’, gave little time to opposing views.

In the 32-minute programme, just six minutes were made up of critics speaking against the drug being legalised.

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