‘Absolute outrage’: £100K spent on named person PR

More than £100,000 of taxpayers’ money has been spent on promotional events for the controversial Named Person scheme, in a move heavily criticised by campaigners.

A spokesman for the No to Named Persons group said it is an “absolute outrage a government which is pleading poverty” can spend this amount of public funds on its own “unpopular policy”.

A consultation on draft guidance for the scheme has revealed widespread concerns from charities, health boards, councils and individuals.


The Herald newspaper, a consistent supporter of the proposals, responded to the findings by urging the Government to raise the threshold at which the named person intervenes in family life.

Under the Named Person scheme, every child in Scotland will be assigned a state employee to monitor their wellbeing.

The Scottish Government has laid on four events at a total cost of £100,360, in order to promote the plans.

Legal action

For one event at Hampden Park, parents were offered £25 gift vouchers and children were provided with “gift packs”.

The Christian Institute, CARE, Tymes (The Young ME Sufferers) Trust, Family Education Trust and concerned parents launched legal action against the Named Person scheme in July last year.

Judges are currently considering an appeal, after the campaigners’ judicial review of the scheme was dismissed in January.

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