Abortionist job advert dropped after student outcry

A US university will no longer hire an abortionist after an outcry from its students.

The University of Minnesota (UMN) Twin Cities was advertising the “Reproductive Rights Advocacy Fellowship” – a one-year medical fellowship which would have hired a doctor to learn how to perform abortions and then teach others.

The successful applicant would have spent 20 days at a “high volume abortion site” – specifically, four Planned Parenthood clinics.

Promoting abortion

Course materials describe abortion as a “safe” procedure, even claiming that abortion is safer than childbirth.

Students around the university’s campuses voiced their outrage at the role.

Nick Johnson, President of Students for Life UMN Twin Cities, said: “It is frightening that a publicly funded university is actively promoting and supporting abortion here on campus”.

He added that the university had a responsibility to uphold high moral standards, but that it was “clearly violating these principles by further engaging in abortion promotion”.

Destroying life

UMN Duluth’s Students for Life group said that “to see the University of Minnesota embrace the pro-abortion throwaway culture raises many questions”.

The group’s President, Noah Maldonado, said tuition dollars are supporting an institution that “does not only disregard the fundamental dignity of every human life” but is determined to destroy it.

Another student said: “Doctors are hired to save lives, not terminate them.”

UMN Twin Cities removed the job posting, saying it would no longer hire for the role, citing the values of the community.

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